Creating Startup Teams That Remove Barriers to Success

Scott Sohr
Scott Sohr

As president of STS Ventures, Scott Sohr leads the Nashville-headquartered company that creates dynamic, growth-focused startups. Over the years, Scott Sohr has contributed to the successful launch of 13 enterprises that represent in excess of $2.4 billion in collective revenue and span industries such as health care, fintech, and construction.

One aspect of building a dynamic, results-driven enterprise that Mr. Sohr emphasizes centers on the importance of nurturing creative input and focused teamwork. As he puts it, organizational leadership must remove barriers to success to the fullest extent possible.

Common reasons for lack of motivation among team members include being thrust into positions for which they are not qualified or ideally suited. Building a team requires a careful assessment of individuals’ skills, temperaments, and the types of workflow that can be comfortably handled by them without them feeling that they are in past their depth. At the same time, the limited resources inherent in startups must be allocated in ways that maximize efforts and do not result in overlapping duties or competing priorities. The single most critical aspect of removing barriers that Mr. Sohr identifies involves encouraging healthy communication, which drives employee engagement and makes each member feel that he or she is a valued member of the team.


Author: Scott Sohr

With an extensive background in business, Scott Sohr is the co-founder of Stonegate Land in Nashville. The firm develops and invests in residential property developments in Tennessee and Kentucky. Stonegate developed 283 acres of rolling hills in Williamson County in Tennessee with the launch of Arrington Retreat, a community that combines the comfort of countryside living with the convenience of a growing region. Scott Sohr is also the co-founder of Elmington Capital Group, which invests in income-producing real estate and property management opportunities through three divisions: capital, affordable housing, and property management. He also co-founded Health Care Solutions, a third party administrator of self-funded medical plans that has been in operation since 2001, and Correct Care Solutions, which has offered healthcare solutions and services since 2003. Additionally, Scott Sohr is chairman of Built Technologies and president of STS Ventures. Prior to launching his career, he studied mechanical engineering at Auburn University and graduated with a bachelor of science. He then achieved an MBA from Vanderbilt University. To learn more about Scott Sohr, visit:

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