About Scott Sohr

Scott SohrAs the president of Nashville-based start-up incubator STS Ventures, Scott Sohr focuses on identifying business opportunities and bringing together the best people to pursue them. Since founding STS, Scott Sohr has played a key role in the creation and development of more than seven business, which together have generated $2.4 billion in revenue.

Among these is Built Technologies, which Scott Sohr oversees as chairman and which focuses on streamlining the process of construction lending through a modern software platform. He has also cofounded such entities as Elmington Capital Group, a real estate and property management firm; Health Cost Solutions, a third-party administrator of company health plans; and Environmental Waste Solutions, an operator of an environmentally conscious waste management facility.

Scott Sohr began his entrepreneurial career while pursuing a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering at Auburn University. During this time, he established a business that sold highly engineered thermoplastics to manufacturers of molded plastic components. After completing his undergraduate degree, he went on to earn a master of business administration from the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University. Mr. Sohr continues to affiliate with the graduate school today as a member of its Real Estate Advisory Board.