The Best Buddies International 2020 Initiative

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Best Buddies International

Scott Sohr is a Vanderbilt University graduate, who earned his MBA at the university’s Owen Graduate School of Management. In addition to establishing a successful career as a business leader, Scott Sohr contributes to and volunteers with a number of organizations, including Best Buddies International (BBI).

BBI’s aim is to create a world where those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs), including autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and many others, can successfully integrate into schools, workplaces, and general society. Its ultimate goal is to create a society that is so inclusive that individuals with IDDs no longer need its resources and support.

To bolster its efforts, in 2011 BBI established its 2020 Initiative with the goal of making BBI a household name. BBI’s efforts under this initiative include opening offices in every US state, creating 2,500 school-based chapters, and providing public speaking training to 4,000 of its Buddy Ambassadors. For more information, visit

The Benefits of Using the Built Technologies Platform

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Built Technologies, Inc.

During the course of a successful career as an entrepreneur and business executive, Scott Sohr has founded and managed companies in a variety of sectors, including finance, real estate, and technology. In addition to his work as president of STS Ventures, Scott Sohr functions as the chairman of Built Technologies, an online platform that connects construction-industry professionals.

Via Built Technologies, borrowers and builders can request services, such as draws and inspections, and gain access to professionals quickly. The service offers real-time project management, thus cutting down on paperwork, and allows users to automate tasks and create in-depth reports while ensuring compliance with industry standards.

To date, Built Technologies has processed over $3.45 billion in loans while helping users lower portfolio risk and increase profitability. Beyond this, the application helps lenders attract and keep reliable borrowers while ensuring full transparency in all dealings, thus inspiring confidence in all stakeholders.

In practical terms, Built Technologies provides a return of between $2 and $2.50 for every $1 spent on the platform and increases the user’s administrative capacity two or three times over.

Gilda’s Club Nashville Support Groups for Kids

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Gilda’s Club Nashville

The president of STS Ventures, a firm that incubates start-up companies in Nashville, Tennessee, Scott Sohr earned an MBA from the Vanderbilt University Owen School of Management and now sits on the school’s real estate advisory board. Away from his work, Scott Sohr supports Gilda’s Club Nashville, named after Gilda Radner, which provides resources to people with cancer.

Gilda’s Club Noogieland™, named after a Saturday Night Live skit, aims to help children between the ages of 5 and 17 whose lives have been impacted by cancer. Free of charge, Noogieland™ provides two support group programs that offer children a safe environment to express their feelings.

Kid Support™ is a day-long program that offers information relating to communication, socialization, and relaxation for children who live with a loved one who has cancer or have received a cancer diagnosis themselves. Grief Relief™ groups focus on children who have lost someone to cancer. The groups strive to help children process the emotions related to grief and celebrate the lives of those they have lost.

Incubators Support the Work of New Entrepreneurial Ventures

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Scott Sohr is the chairman of Built Technologies, a Nashville, Tennessee-based company that focuses on providing construction lenders with a platform that allows them to borrow funding easily online. In addition to his work with Built Technologies, Scott Sohr is the president of STS Ventures, a company that serves as an incubator for successful startups in areas like fintech, healthcare, renewables, and finance.

A startup incubator is a company that provides a collective physical workplace for multiple startups in the same location. The goal of an incubator is to provide these early-stage companies with the resources they need to fuel growth. A company typically can stay within an incubator’s space until it has grown in scale to a size big enough to merit its own location.

In addition to a physical place to work, startups that work with incubators are also usually mentored by experienced investors and entrepreneurs involved with the organization, and may also secure funding from these investors. New entrepreneurs in these business relationships also may gain access to a wider and more accomplished range of business partners, as more established technology and media companies may feel more comfortable working with a newly-created startup backed by an incubator than with a small firm working to find success on its own.