Arrington Retreat – Small-Town Living with Big-City Amenities

Arrington Retreat pic
Arrington Retreat

Scott Sohr has spent the past several years building a successful career in several industries. The cofounder of Health Cost Solutions, Scott Sohr has played a role in the development and success of more than a dozen companies with collective revenues of over $2.4 billion.

Much of this success has been accomplished through STS Ventures, an incubator that Scott Sohr leads as president. One of the many ventures supported by STS Ventures is Arrington Retreat.

Consisting of more than 283 acres of land in Middle Tennessee, Arrington Retreat is a residential community that combines the comfort of country living with the convenience of city living. The community features trees, meadows, and rolling hills, and is home to Arrington Creek, a large stream with fishing opportunities.

Arrington Retreat is also located near Arrington Vineyards, which hosts many events during the year, including balloon rides and Music in the Vines. The free, live music performances of Music in the Vines take place every weekend from April through October.

Arrington Retreat is designed to have a timeless feel. Award-winning builders RiverBirch Homes and Drees Homes will construct more than 200 diverse houses that range in price from around $290,000 to $450,000.

The houses will offer amenities that modern homeowners look for, including walking trails, community gardens, and a resort-style swimming pool. Located at the crossroads of Franklin, Murfreesboro, and Nashville, Arrington Retreat also plans on selling custom home sites and land lots.


NTC Awards Celebrate Technological Innovation in Nashville

Nashville Technology Council pic
Nashville Technology Council

Startup entrepreneur Scott Sohr brings more than 15 years of startup business experience to his position as the president of STS Ventures in Nashville, Tennessee. Startup businesses to which Scott Sohr’s company has provided incubation services include Built Technologies, an enterprise technology firm that develops collaboration and administration software. Built Technologies received a Growth Stage Company of the Year Award during the Nashville Technology Council’s (NTC) 8th Annual NTC Awards in 2017.

The NTC Awards celebrates technological innovation through the recognition of the region’s most prominent tech leaders and their contributions to Nashville’s technology community. Recipients include companies, developers, teams, and community volunteers that make the city a destination for technological creativity and innovation. Furthermore, their technological innovations contribute to the growth and prosperity of Middle Tennessee.

Awards are distributed in 14 categories that incorporate commendations for individuals, teams, and companies. Individual awards include Data Scientist of the Year and Community Leader of the Year, and company awards encompass Technology Company of the Year and Early Stage Company of the Year. One company will also receive designation as the Technology Company of the Year.

3 Things That Successful Startups Don’t Do

Scott Sohr
Scott Sohr

A business executive with over a decade of experience in the real estate development sector, Scott Sohr serves as the president of STS Ventures, a startup incubator dedicated to the support of early-phase companies based in Nashville, Tennessee. Through his work with STS Ventures, Scott Sohr focuses on fueling the success of startups in a wide range of industries, including technology, real estate, renewables, and healthcare.

While research suggests that as many as 9 out of every 10 startups will fail, those companies that do manage to survive are the ones that avoid making the following three mistakes in the early phases of operation:

1. Offering a product that is not widely needed or desired

Companies that seek to produce an innovative product but fail to perform adequate market research before charging ahead with a project rarely, if ever, succeed. In order to gain market share, a company must offer a product or process that demonstrably improves upon an existing model.

2. Following a leader who lacks management skills

An entrepreneur may have great ideas and a strong vision, but his or her talents may not extend to being a capable leader for a growing company. Entrepreneurs who develop successful startups recognize when they have reached the limits of their abilities in this area and outsource the role to allow themselves to focus on the parts of the business that they know the best.

3. Being adverse to change

At its core, the most important thing that a successful startup can be is flexible. Financial circumstances, customer demand, and industry trends are always subject to sudden change, and rigid startups that don’t embrace adaptability will never outperform the competition.

Best Buddies Leadership Programs – Ambassadors and Promoters

Best Buddies  pic
Best Buddies

For more than a decade, Scott Sohr has been working as an entrepreneur in Tennessee. The president of STS Ventures, a startup incubator, he oversees the conception and development of startups in a range of industries, including real estate, healthcare, and financial technology. Outside of work, Scott Sohr supports such charitable organizations as Best Buddies International.

Best Buddies, an organization dedicated to serving individuals with disabilities, divides its programs into three main pillars: one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, and leadership development. Through its leadership development programs – Ambassadors and Promoters – the organization empowers and educates individuals with and without disabilities to become advocates for an inclusive world.

The Best Buddies Ambassadors program helps individuals with IDD develop self-esteem and public speaking skills. By offering advocacy and public speaking training, the program prepares individuals to advocate for both themselves and others before their communities, local businesses, and legislators. Individuals who participate in the Ambassadors program have continual access to advocacy training from the Best Buddies staff.

Meanwhile, the Promoters program prepares youth to open new Best Buddies programs and chapters. These individuals also receive ongoing support from the organization and each Promoters chapter is assigned a Best Buddies staff member and faculty advisor. With the help of these leaders, Promoters connect with individuals with IDD and work to establish a special education program at their school. They also host events and fundraisers on and off campus that include individuals with IDD.